Online Piano & Singing Lessons - Beginner to Advanced - Free Trial Available

Hi there! My name is Alex Whorms.

Throughout my career I have had the privilege to study many styles of piano and vocal music through the Royal Conservatory of Music, New York University, Humber College, and McMaster University. 

It is a true passion of mine to inspire and motivate a new generation of musicians while providing them with a well-rounded musical skillset including strong sight-reading abilities, healthy physical technique, theory, ear training, and performance mastery

All students are invited to perform in virtual recitals which I host 4 times a year! Many students choose to prepare for

- Royal Conservatory Examinations

- University & College Auditions

- Concerts & Recording Sessions

- Songwriting & Composition Projects

I enjoy creating customized lesson plans for each student to help them achieve their own unique goals and realize their creative potential. I sincerely hope music lessons will be a source of joy for every student for years to come!

To book a free trial class or request further information, please email me at or submit a message via my Contact Form



“Our daughter, Jasmine, over the last two years expressed her interest in learning the piano.  We finally enrolled in piano lessons with Alex earlier this year. 

Alex’s personality and patience with her students are great strengths that other prospecting parents will come to appreciate.  Her overall music knowledge inspires Jasmine to explore music along with the desire to also learn guitar.  Jasmine has quickly developed her skill level to the amazement of her parents.

The ability to have virtual lessons during COVID restrictions and/or re-opening stages is well formatted to suit Jasmine into the future.  Jasmine is looking forward to continuing her lessons in the years to come.  Thank you so much Alex for your inspiring music direction!”

- Allan

"I’ve been a part of school choirs and ensembles for my whole life but I’ve always been afraid to sing solo.

I started my lessons with Alex to help prepare me for university entrance auditions and they have become so much more for me.

With the help of Alex, I have found myself wholeheartedly pursuing my dream, enrolled in my ideal post-secondary program, and I have been slowly finding the confidence to perform on stage alone.

I’d also like to think I’ve made a passionate, supportive, and sincere friend too.

I owe so much of my growth in the past year to Alex."

- Swasti

"It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Alex Whorms, a piano teacher from whom I have benefited.  I have been her student for the past ten months, and can speak with confidence about her abilities and qualifications to effectively teach adult piano students. 

Alex is a very intelligent, personable young woman who is gifted across the musical spectrum.  Her skills and dedication to students are excellent, and she has helped me progress from a complete neophyte to a beginner with a passion for piano and an appreciation for music theory.  Alex is a joy to work with, and understands what I need to accomplish learning objectives quickly.  She has a great ear for music, and can readily identify any misplayed notes. 

She has a passion for music as shown by her own burgeoning career.  Her innate sense of musicianship is contagious and she leads by example, making you want to play better. 

I have both become better at piano and very much enjoyed the experience, with all the credit due to Ms. Whorms."

- Phil