Film & Television Work

Love You, Goodbye (2022)

Composer - Alex Whorms

Director - Nick Laws

Screenings TBA in 2022

Why Didn't I Leave (2021)

The Hamilton LOFT

Composer & Sound Recordist - Alex Whorms

Director -Emily Schooley

Official selection for Hamilton Film Festival 2021

Created by a crew of 19 womxn, "Why Didn't I Leave?" challenges the stigma behind that very question - one which places blame on victims of abuse, rather than holding perpetrators accountable. The short documentary explores some of the less recognizable forms of abuse and the overwhelming barriers many survivors face when trying to escape, while highlighting the local organizations working to support survivors.

This Is The Thing (2021)

Bell Fibe TV 1

Music Coordinator - Alex Whorms

Director - Tyler Shazma

"Hamilton is where dreams go to fight."

Mike and Tim want more than their retail jobs at a record shop in Limeridge Mall– they want to be famous. Dealing with customers, hecklers, rock stars and stage fright, they learn just how hard it is to chase their dreams.


Weekender (2021)

Humber Productions

Recipient of "Award of Distinction" from Canada Shorts Film Festival 2021

Selected for Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival 2021 & UWPG Film Festival 2021

Music by Alex Whorms

Written and Directed by Claudia Marchisello

Produced by Chris Collington

After receiving an intermittent sentence, Francesca is driven to jail each weekend by her father Carmine. One weekend, their drive comes to a halt with a flat tire, forcing the pair to face their differences. Will they mend their relationship or drift further apart?

"Just Like Her" (2021)

Selected for Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival 2021

Music by Alex Whorms

Directed by Julia Mackay

Produced by Georgina Gauthier

Written by Leah Galloway

At the height of a lockdown, two sisters are forced to say goodbye to their dying mother through a computer screen and navigate their way through grief together. 

How To Impeach A President (2020)

Referendum Productions

Selected for the 2020 Hamilton Film Festival

Available throughout the US on Amazon Prime

Music by Alex Whorms and AIlish Corbett

Diane Preston is the most qualified President in the history of the United States, with one small problem: appalling approval ratings. After being advised to smile more, her attempts are mistaken for constipation. Her efforts to plug up the scandal only lead her further up shit's creek.